Hi. My name is Sean. I started this blog as an ongoing journaling exercise and as a way to organize my thoughts.

Professionally, I am a Network Engineer. I worked as a consultant for seveal years, focusing on generalist skills in the domains of systems infrastructure. In recent, years, I have shifted to focusing on enterprise networks and wireless technologies. I am heavily invested in technologies relating to SDN, network automation, and NetDevOps workflows. Additionally I contract to perform wireless site surveys from time to time; it gets me out of the house!

Who am I? I am a husband, university student, mediocre guitar player, enthusiast runner, and packet junkie. I love to eat food - ice cream is my biggest weakness - and I enjoy reading philosophy in my free time.

My purpose in writing is to help organize my thoughts and give back to the community by documenting snags I have run into along my journey. I hope this proves useful to you.